Printing stats of keras ImageDataGenerator

This is something small for printing out classification details for a keras ImageDataGenerator .

Image you have three different datagenerators..

train_batches = ImageDataGenerator().flow_from_directory(train_path, target_size=(512,512), classes=klasses, batch_size=32)
valid_batches = ImageDataGenerator().flow_from_directory(valid_path, target_size=(512,512), classes=klasses, batch_size=32)
test_batches = ImageDataGenerator().flow_from_directory(test_path, target_size=(512,512), classes=klasses, batch_size=32)

dataset_stats([train_batches, valid_batches, test_batches], klasses)

Than you can use something like..

def dataset_stats(data_generators=[], klasses=[]):

    # collecting data
    data = {}
    for batch in data_generators:
        stats = {}
        batch_name = str('/')[-1])
        for label in batch.labels:
            if klasses[label] in stats:
                stats[klasses[label]] = stats[klasses[label]]+1
                stats[klasses[label]] = 1
        data[batch_name] = stats

    # printing sth clean
    line = '{:20}'.format('Image Counts')
    for batch_name in data.keys():
        line += '{:>20}'.format(batch_name)
    lines = line + '\n'

    for klass in klasses:
        line = '{:20}'.format(klass)
        for batch_name in data.keys():
            value = 0
            if klass in data[batch_name]:
                value = data[batch_name][klass]
            line += '{:>20}'.format(value)
        lines += '\n' + line

    lines += '\n\n{:20}'.format('SUM')
    for batch_name in data.keys():
        summ = sum(item for item in data[batch_name].values())
        lines += '{:>20}'.format(summ)

    return lines

To generate a clean output like this..

Image Counts                        test                 val               train

male                                1000                1000                1000
female                              1000                1000               1000
child                               1000                1000               1000

SUM                                 3000                3000               3000
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